Underpainting is one method I use to master complex proportions and color schemes
Strengthening colors, I saw that most of the work for this painting was going to come at the end.
Emulating Vermeer's "liquid light", this last step took an entire day. The floor is a thin red glaze over the existing dry shadow.
The most difficult step here was the figure...
To achieve a dynamic, spontaneous feeling I completely finished the background before starting the figure.
Rushing waters, falling leaves, or gusting winds will never be still...
Blessed silence can produce deep effects
...sometimes the most important Studio is in the mind of the Artist.
...so complex that it took an entire day.
The creative process can be long, but begins with a moment so fragile that when we turn around to see that moment again it is gone.
Inspirational events can happen anywhere, and a quick sketch can help an artist recreate lost moments in the studio.
Below are some painting progressions,
and a few moments caught by the camera.
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to a few photos and remarks from
our Studios
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We make our own brushes from Lorna's hair...

...some brushes with metal ferrules, some without...
Faith, family and art have consumed my life, and I supect they will continue to do so - until life consumes me.
~ C. Keenan