My Art Showing Kindness to Animals
In 2019 I completed this 11x14' oil painting titled
"Caretaker Christmas"
which became beloved. I sold over 500 copies of it over Christmas that year in the forms of cards, posters and journals. They are all still available from my shop at CafePress. Use this button to visit my Cafe Press Shop 
As a 20x16" poster
As a pack of 10 cards
(blank inside)
In 2020 I sold these 3 small 8x10" oil paintings.
I am currently working on at least 2 new 8x10" animal oil paintings, together with perhaps a dozen 4x6" acrylic paintings similar to "Caretaker Christmas".
I will post all of these new paintings here as I complete them.
I have been concerned and involved with helping the stray cats in my driveway since my Dad helped me as a boy. More than 5 years ago I became involved with our city's Community Cat program and TNR, which is the Trapping, Neutering & Returning of feral cats to their location under a Caretaker. I have volunteered one day/week at our city's Animal Shelter for years to help the program control the cat population in our city. There are many cities in the USA (and around the globe) that also support TNR and I hope that you learn more about it if you are not already familiar. This is a very short movie that Google made for me using my on-line photos.

~ Thanks, Charles