My Final Journey
a series of oil paintings
by Charles Keenan
In 2018 I finished this small painting titled "My Final Journey" and it has caused me to wonder about my last moments here. Will I be sleeping when death comes for me? Perhaps I will be reading, or doing something romantic. Did you know that the actor Matthew McConaughey's father passed away while making love to Matthew's mother? None of us want a horrendous death in a transportation accident or as an innocent victim of the all-too-often mass shootings. Where will I be when the symbolic Grim Reaper comes to claim me?
Maybe I will be at home just dozing off after doing some reading.
Maybe I will be doing something romantic.
Maybe Death will come for me during a hospital stay, where I might be surrounded by my family.
Or I might be in a nice Old Persons Home messaging with my friends when it is time.

Regardless of where I will be or what I will be doing, it will not be the symbolic Grim Reaper who will come for my soul.
It will be my Lord and Savior telling me that everything will be okay.