Before My Final Journey & during the covid19 pandemic
   So now I stay-at-home, but I am a walker. Sometimes I lift a few weights or try some standard exercises, but I have always been a walker and have grown to love it more & more, always carrying a small sketchbook with me. Those sketches may become paintings someday, but for now the sketchbook itself is "the work" and it is fascinating to look through it and the close to 100 on-site drawings it holds. I would also often bring a larger sketchbook with pastels to parks, on travels and of course to Studio Sessions at art centers. Many of my larger color drawings I have already developed into paintings and hope to continue to develop more.

So far my work has been included in
this Philly artblog
"Artists in the time of Coronavirus, chapter 11" 
go a little ways down the page to see my entry.

​​   But an artist needs to create new art and a painter needs to paint. I looked "out" to on-line modeling, and "in" to the work of living and deceased male & female artists who have completed in-depth self-portraiture. I have always admired the work of the late artist Frida Kahlo, who developed very deep self-portraits, and now I also look into self-portraits by Duncan Grant, Lucian Freud and others. Of course there are many living artists I know who produce profound self-portraits whom I admire and emulate. 
  With my wife's approval I practiced some poses and began painting while planning to give future works more depth. I also continue to use on-line sources and have begun other paintings portraying kindness towards animals. When I need a break I draw household items, draw from memories or from my imagination.
​I hope we all soon see the end of this painful and terrible time.
Take care and God bless us.

                                ~ Charles
​     First, let me express my sadness over the invisible disease that has swept our world, and let me express my hope that we will all be back to normal again soon. My deepest gratitude to all Front Liners, including my wife who is a Registered Nurse. While we are asked to stay home, they are asked to work.
   Thank you.
​​ But as the covid19 stay-at-home directives became more and more serious, drawing new work in that small sketchbook and in my larger sketchbook with pastels, together with travels and visits to Art Center Studio Sessions became impossible.​​

Since the start of the pandemic, area Art Groups have graciously invited nearby artists
to participate in on-line art projects.
​Cheltenham Art Center has a daily Instagram prompt, this one was "post a place in nature that makes you feel at peace"
La Salle University Art Museum invited artists to choose a work from their on-line collection and duplicate it using household objects.
This is my effort (with help from my stay-at-home adult children) to recreate a portrait of the artist James Whistler near the Thames River,
completed in 1871 by the artist Walter Greaves (1846-1930).
Paintings Completed
during the covid19 shutdowns
Our city's Animal Shelter (where I have volunteered one day/week for years) ran a Fund Raiser during the stay-at-home directive. For a donation of 20 dollars a volunteer would draw a picture of your pet from a photo that you provide. My drawing...
This time of isolation has allowed me to have a much deeper appreciation for the hard work, courage and stamina of my model friends. Since high school I have been drawing models from life, always seeing the human body as an art form - the art of our Creator. During this pandemic, while all area Art Center Studios are closed, I began posing and quickly understood how difficult it is to hold a pose for an extended period of time, to always have a new pose, and how difficult it can be to expose oneself without reserve.