This Sculptor tried again and again to be accepted into his area Art School. A friend of Rodin later claimed to have found a sculpture in a junk store. When it created a sensation the friend declared, "This piece was created by a man whom this school rejected three times!". His The Thinker and The Kiss are simple truths. I love to visit our city's Rodin Museum.  
Auguste Rodin
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Ben Solowey
A local Artist who began a lifetime of portraits of his wife, Rae, after his Mother-in-Law remarked about the first painting: "I can only see one side of her".
Rembrandt van Rijn
He painted many self-portraits to explore the use of facial muscles to express emotions. After the early death of his first wife during childbirth he painted his second, young wife over and over as a goddesslike figure in his works.
This man's profound love of subject and painting is, at times, overwhelming. His use of color is a constant source of complete amazement to me. I feel honored to exchange links with 1st-Art-Gallery who offer Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions of over 1000 of Renoir's works, and are sponsors of
Frieda Kahlo
Razel's colorful painting style complements her exuberant personality. She has had shows of her work around the world.
Links to artistic people and places that I admire.

I have come to understand that some of these links are no longer active, but I choose to leave them here as a record of influences on my career.

C. Keenan
An Artist/Photographer who produced intense black and white photographs of his muses, marrying his last muse, Juliet.
Man Ray
(1890 - 1976)
Paul Gauguin
He is best known for the paintings he produced while spending many years in native Tahiti. His unique style is probably closest to Impressionism, but what attracted me to his work was how he showed a very different culture as something beautiful.
Many years before the 2002 movie "Frida" I borrowed and studied a book on this artist from our city's Central Library. In 2007 I saw over 40 of her paintings at our city's art museum.
Stacey Anne Keenan
Gary George
A figurative Artist who was awarded a commission to complete a portrait of the Pope.
Carol offers series after series from her website. She is a master of themed work, and shows her work from her own gallery.
Carol Anna Meese
This artist often chooses risque subjects, but her determination and the quality of her work have influenced me.
Odile de Schwilgue
Karl Bang
This Artist has created many, many beautiful portraits of women in stunning costumes with dazzlingly colorful backgrounds.
Edvard Munch
(1863 - 1944)
His Expressionist painting style is very different from my own, but his work holds such depth for me. Often avoiding great detail his strong brushwork usually shows dark emotions in a very powerful way. His subjects of death, age or fear are so different from mine, but I must write that his method of portraying them is one of my favorites. His messages are so undeniable.
With remarkable confidence she has put a "love of motion" into my paintings.
Alexi Kuzmich
A Russian Artist with a beautiful philosophy of Womanhood. I cannot describe my awe when first discovering the over 500 Madonna paintings he has completed, using his wife as model.
Norman Engel
A figurative Artist creating simply beautiful, charming paintings. He regularly creates a 'new look' for his website.
Joe Quirk
His first novel "Ultimate Rush" is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have ever read - and I read a lot. I can get lost in his beautiful writing style the same way I can get lost in Renoir's beautiful brushwork...
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Colette Calascione
At a time when I was faltering in my endeavors to produce small paintings I re-discovered Ms Calascione through an old "favorites" file I had saved. Her work is truly astounding, and much of it is done on 8x10" panels. 
Gustave Dore
I had been seeing this man's work for years through all manner of vehicles. Upon seeing a big book of his illustrations at the book store I had to put the book down because of the pricetag - then I remembered my son had given me a gift card to that bookstore. I immediately took the gift card from my wallet, picked up the book and went to the cashier. At home I spent many hours pouring over his intriguing illustrations, but was sad to learn that he never married and was never recognized as an artist but only as an illustrator.
Stephen Crane
poet & author
This man's life and work were so influential in developing my own poetic style that I have crafted tributes to him at gallery shows, in my "Myst" book and on this website.
Eugene Von
For many years I hesitated to mention this man who, with his wife Marie, lived an obscure life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. However, their hundreds of loving photographs represent such an affection for each other that they immediately became a source of inspiration for me. Emulating them, we also began to make brushes from my wife's hair years ago and I have beome a master of their use.
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