The Seasons have often inspired my work,
and in April, 2007 I was
privileged to be one of a dozen or so
on-stage participants in
Cheltenham Art Center's
First Annual Spoken Word Night.
You may watch a 90-second movie
of my reading below.
Seasonal Waters
the Seasons
Seasoned in the Philadelphia Area

A week in the mountains, a day at the Shore.
Other lands and their people can show even more,
But here is my home with 4 colorful reasons:
The endless cycle of the changing Seasons.

Each year begins with cold Winter nights,
When hearts are warmed by colorful lights.
Snow falls so soft as we sleep in bed,
Giving students a day for sledding instead.

Then crocous and daffodils push through the soil.
Spring rains melt memories of frozen toils.
Bird's songs fill the air from the budding trees,
While tulips and hyacinth smell sweet on the breeze.

Picnics and barbeques with new people to meet -
Look for shade from mid-Summer's oppressive heat.
Open hydrants and pools, or the river's shore
Cool us when we can't take the heat anymore.

Then we pause for a jacket and notice the leaves
Tinged with orange and yellow that Autumn weaves.
It is time, once again, to remember warm places
As brisk winds and short days put color in our faces.

These are the seasons I have grown to love
As a beautiful gift from somewhere above.
A walk everyday has helped write this rhyme
And helped with life's changes and the passage of time.
~ Charles Keenan, 2007
I have often written short poems
to accompany my paintings at shows.