My oil paintings are on canvas, wood panels, art board or heavy paper.
Most have been coated with varnish, and most are framed..
If you like a particular painting or paintings
please contact me and we can discuss and haggle
[email protected] 
or follow the fb link on the main page.
However, purchasing and shipping a painting can be expensive.
There are less expensive alternatives.
I have one Big Book of over 100 of my paintings with poetry and photos.
Less expensive are each of my 5 booklets of 20 paintings each, with poetry, photos and explanations.
Less expensive are 10 Christmas Cards with envelopes.
Less expensive is my book of 8 short stories.
Use this link to learn more about my books at Lulu Publishing
My 3 Christmas Cards are available through CafePress,
each in quantities of 10.
Other than the image of my painting the cards are completely blank, allowing you to add your own notes, wishes and blessings.
There are Several Ways to Purchase My Work
Here are the 3 images available
Use this link to learn more about my cards at CafePress
This image titled
"Caretaker Christmas"
has been my most popular by far, receiving national recognition. People have ordered it as cards, journals, and (by popular demand) a poster which is shown below,