Recently while visiting the site of a friend I saw that she had a page titled "Thank yous". The moment I saw it I felt that everyone should have a page for that, so here is mine. In no particular order whatsoever, here are people & places that I am grateful to for having helped me with my art (and life) in some way.
Thank you Michael Coleman, Art Teacher and artist, for showing me so much in the art field. His posts are almost always about PAINTING which I love, and Art History which seems so difficult to find with on-line friends.
The author Joe Quirk is one of the people who encouraged me to write.
Of course I must thank my loyal fans Carole and Kathy who seem to like every artistic post I make. Thank you.
Thank you Woodmere Art Museum for a decade of stable but distant opportunities.
Thank you Cheltenham Art Center for your warmth, friendship and decades of opportunities.
Thank you Philadelphia Museum of Art for offering the wealth of knowledge and your polite responses to all my letters.
Thank you LaSalle University for your Art Museum, your interaction and the opportunity to address one art history class.
Thank you Pennypacker Elementary for so many opportunities!
For now please allow me to list many people who I will elaborate on as time permits...
Norman Engel
Irene Klemas
Eleanor Day
Angel Martinez
Melissa Walisi
Patti Simpson
Dale Wittig
ArtSavesLives Isolation Art during 2020
Draw This!
Carla Tofano

Forever thanks to my Mother & Father for giving me art supplies for holiday and birthday gifts,
but more importantly for putting me on the best paths through life.