Studio Sessions
This is a self-portrait from my time in art college dated 1984 
Twenty years later I used modern technology to model for this interpretation of a Stephen Crane poem.
I have loved the work of Frida Kahlo for decades.
This video is excellent. It allows the models to describe their feelings, emotions and efforts about the work they do.
This video allows an 80-year-old model to tell about his journey. He did not even begin modeling until he was older than I am.
This video allows actions to speak louder than words. Beautiful.
I wrote a short poem:

"Sometimes I feel old and cold.

Other times I feel young and strong."
Here is the painting I am working on
for "old and cold"
...and here is the painting I am working on for "young and strong", based on daVinci's Vitruvian Man.
I have been an art model for on-line zoom Studio Sessions and at area Art Centers.
I honestly feel that artists make great models because of the wealth of artistic expression they have been exposed to.
"I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best."

   ~Frida Kahlo
My lovely wife has been a subject of my art since before we were married in 1988.
Studio Sessions at area Art Centers
Studio Sessions teach and remind artists of their duty to portray the truth, without pretense or facade.
I befriended models during Studio Sessions and, with my wife's encouragement, began to faithfully work out and develop & practice poses waiting for more opportunities...or waiting for the planets and stars to line up... 
As an artist I have always worked on both sides of the easel
Two paintings of me modeling for a zoom studio session.
The artist is Dale Wittig
Multiple poses of me drawn
by computer artist David York

I continue to work out, exercise and develop & practice new poses.
Take care,