Charles Keenan's
~ Art Journal ~
January- June 2012
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Well, it is a new year and I have been working on some new directions together with some familiar ones. The 3 paintings below were the last ones I completed in 2011 and are each 8x10". In 2011 I bought 20 small 8x10" canvases that I hope to fill with "nice" compositions - the 2 paintings on the right are on 2 of those canvases.  
For 2012 I have 2 larger paintings & 1 smaller in progress, all on panels. After completing the 3 I have a few ideas for my "Minds" theme that I may develop, and I am always looking for those "nice" things for the small canvases.
Over the past year I have worked very hard to find venues for my work, and I hope to receive responses to the books and DVDs I have submitted with proposals.
Friday, February 24, 2012
Finished 2 larger paintings (16x20")
while working on 2 new smaller (8x10") paintings.

Joined "The American Artists Gallery" Facebook group,
and had my interview posted.
You can read the interview by Blogspot by clicking here or on Facebook by clicking here.