Charles Keenan's
~ Art Journal ~
July-December 2011
Monday, July 25, 2011
After completing the paintings, poems and book "The Sands of Time" I paused...then sent a message to the half-dozen places that were considering my earlier work to try and generate some interest, but no responses. Then I felt I should make a full-time effort at researching the 50+ galleries in&around Philadelphia. I filled half a copybook with names, addresses and genres. Then I developed a DVD showing my work and left a copy with 2 galleries I thought might be interested. I am asking myself, 'Is there any other gallery I should contact?' and the answer is coming up 'no'. I have spent hours over weeks with art books in a local library, making notes in my sketchbook. I had put painting aside while I researched galleries, and now have a handful of directions I may begin taking soon. 
Friday, July 29, 2011
After setting aside my paints for a month I finally felt like I had a direction to move in next week. I had begun a series of small paintings titled "Minds" and, after much research, have at least 4 sketches developed for new paintings for the series. Although I love realism in art, I felt that a small series of more abstract work would help break the ice with so many contemporary galleries. 
 Then I sat at my computer with my morning coffee and was overwhelmed by realist art on my News start-up page. First there was an article about the prominence of paintings in this year's "Art of the State" show in Pennsylvania, featuring a wonderful realist portrait as "best in show"
Not far below that article the beautiful, deep realist/fantasy
paintings of LosAngeles artist Alexandra Manukyan were showcased in "Artist of the Day"
Before I finished my coffee I visited my Facebook page to find that the
Australian photographer/artist Aimee Fitzgerald had posted a new realist painting on her Wall.
"God is Love"
"God is Always A-Round, but We Can Be Squares"
Well, it's Friday afternoon and I still have 2 days until Monday...maybe I'll work on 2 themes simultaneously - one 'abstract' for "them", and one 'realist' for "me".
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
During the summer I visited and dropped off a DVD, CD or web address of my paintings to a half dozen galleries from the northern suburbs to center city.
I continue to develop my new, interesting "Minds" theme, but long to paint something beautiful. 
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Solutions! My "Minds" theme began to go astray by needing more than one painting to portray a concept. Also, I felt that while together they may have been successful to show the concept, the last 8 have been "ugly". The 9 in the photo are the ones I am happy with.
Just as important is my restlessness with the theme AND the medium. I have been painting on panels and heavy paper for years now and have really wante to return to canvas. My wife pointed out last year that there is something 'pretty' about a painting done on canvas and she is probably right. Then I stumbled onto a very nice sale. Below the "Minds" paintings on paper are 10 small 8x10" canvases crying out to be filled with beauty! If all goes well, I should be able to use the stretchers over and over in the years ahead to conserve space. An important element has returned to my work - enthusiasm!