As my wife and I waited for fireworks to begin this Independence Day, I remembered fondly all the years we came here with our children who have all moved away. I eat right, exercise and workout everyday and just might be in the best shape of my life, but felt that maybe I should begin some sort of retrospective or memoir.
There are already many examples of my writing on this Web Gallery

autobiography updated Jan 1 of each year

two stories here - a graphic novella on the left
and a Halloween short story on the right

but I hope to make this page,
as the title says, more reflective.
So where to begin? I have always enjoyed walking around my neighborhood and city, but for years now I have been doing extra. I workout with weights and springs everyday, and every morning I run up to the 8am Mass at the parish where I went through 8 years of grade school. During those early school years I developed a super-hero comic character "Captain Cat Claw". I will discuss how important cats have become a little later on... 
...for now, one of the most unexpected ways the internet has unfolded is allowing daily contact with many of my grade school classmates. Here is a photo of our 8th Grade graduation. I am under the blue arrow. I have become fb friends with about a dozen of these beautiful people, mourned the passing of a half-dozen, and wondered where everyone else is. I see some of them at Reunions while others have a very occasional internet presence.
The internet has also allowed me to reconnect with a few other neighborhood friends, and again I wonder where all my other childhood friends are...