Charles Keenan's
~ Weekly Art Journal ~
January - June 2008
Friday, January 4, 2008
Worked on my painting in progress...sold a book during a small New Year's Eve Party...
getting ready for my First Friday Opening this afternoon.
Happy New Year !
Friday, January 11, 2008
First Friday went well at 1 Shot. Lorna was there, we spoke with another artist giving a show, and spoke with people from the coffee shop.
During the week I worked very hard to finish my painting in progress from November's Thanksgiving Day Parade. After finishing the painting I sent out a Newsletter with photos from First Friday. 
Friday, January 18, 2008
Received 2 nice responses to my Newsletter. Spent the week making many intense sketches surrounding a concept. Came away with what I believe are 2 ideas...with an older snowstorm idea sketch. So, 3 plans for paintings...many details to work out. Called Woodmere Art Museum about a very interesting Lecture series they are offering soon. Telephoned the Philadelphia Museum of Art for more information about the Frieda Kahlo special exhibit coming in February.
Friday, January 25, 2008
Felt my creativity was being limited by having only 3 finished panels left to use, but I was out of gesso to make more panels. Going downtown to the school store would have been a project, so I shopped at a mall craft store and bought a giant 1 gallon size of gesso - while hoping that I will live long enough to use it all. Then I cut my remaining half sheet of wood into various sizes and began sanding them. Still working on the sketches for paintings. Spent a day rearranging my web gallery.
Friday, February 1, 2008
Picked up my unsold paintings from 1 Shot over last weekend. During the week the creative process was fully engaged as I labored over sketches, drew on panels, painted and repainted. By the week's end I have 3 paintings underway, with a 4th just begun. Now I can go back and forth between the 4 as the layers of paint dry - the ideal for oil painting. Also sanded and began preparing a few more panels.
Friday, February 8, 2008
Worked hard on the 3 paintings in progress - abandoned and gessoed over the 4th. Received information on a one-day juried show in the area. After securing some financial backing I began assembling a submission of about 30 paintings. Sold a "100 Oil Paintings" book, and sent a copy of our earlier Musings book to a publisher.
Attended a lecture on the Pre-Raphaelites at Woodmere Art Museum, knowing much of the material BUT learning something too. Submitted a proposal for an upcoming show at an area university, with notification by March 7. Again worked very hard on my 3 paintings in progress. After a gruelling few weeks with sketches, then painting and repainting, the three are almost finished.
Lorna and I danced the night away at Our Lady of Hope's Saint Valentine's Day Dance.
Friday, February 15, 2008
Worked intensely and finished 2 of my paintings in progress, unveiling them in a Newsletter. Received a nice email about the Musings book I had sent out.
Friday, February 22, 2008
Friday, February 29, 2008
(happy Leap Year!)
Received some nice responses to my Newsletter. Worked on the 3rd painting I had seems stuck for now, and I am looking at other ideas to begin. Realized from responses that my desktop Musings book is more endearing than the professionally published 100 Oil Paintings - is that because Musings is handmade, or is it the content?
Friday, March 7, 2008
Made some progress on the 3rd (and only unfinished) work in progress but, more importantly, began work on a new painting after looking through early American poetry. Received my 24th consecutive rejection from a juried show - this one at a college on the other side of the city. Wrote another nearby college that was recommended by an aquaintance.
Friday, March 13, 2008
Worked very hard on my work in progress, hoping to have it finished for Saint Patrick's Day on Monday. Then realized that the subject is more appropriate for a later time in the year. Made a little progress on that 3rd painting from February. Received info about 2 shows in the area, and sold another book at my daughter's school.
Friday, March 21, 2008
Finished composing a poem for Spoken Word Night II at the Cheltenham Art Center next month. Considered a submission to another juried exhibit. Began rearranging my web gallery.
Friday, March 28, 2008
Began 2 more paintings to accompany the first painting in progress, to make a series of 3. Put time into research for the 3. Submitted my poem (and one from my daughter) for Spoken Word Night II next Friday.
Friday, April 4, 2008
Put over 5 intense hours/day into the 3 paintings - almost done. Awwww...Spoken Word Night II was cancelled. Prepared a painting for an approaching juried exhibit.
Unveiled my "Tribute to the Poetry of Stephen Crane" through a Newsletter for National Poetry Month. Received some impressive responses.
Visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the Frieda Kahlo Exhibit, seeing her original paintings for the firat time. Also saw an interesting exhibit of photographs of and by Lee Miller, then walked through the museum until I just got too tired.
Friday, April 11, 2008
Friday, April 18, 2008
Submitted a painting to an area Juried Exhibit - waiting for the verdict. Received about a half dozen responses to my latest Newsletter. Corresponded with someone from the Stephen Crane House in New Jersey, who loved the 3 paintings. Labored over sketches for new work. 
Friday, April 25, 2008
Almost finished 2 paintings. Received word that my submission to Cheltenham Art Center's 66th Annual Awards Painting Exhibit was accepted !
Friday, May 2, 2008
Attended the Opening Reception for Cheltenham Art Center's Exhibit and saw my painting. Finished "Artistic Nature" and sent out a Newsletter. Started a new painting, and prepared the remaining 5 of my panels.
Friday, May 9, 2008
Worked on my new painting. Corresponded with a colorful artist.
Friday, May 15, 2008
Worked on my painting. Developed some sketches.
Friday, May 23, 2008
Finished a painting ("Assumptions") and began another.
Friday, May 30, 2008
Mailed a submission of ten paintings on a CD to a local gallery.
Finished my new painting, Fireworks.