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My paintings have been shown and sold through over 20 solo or group shows in the Philadelphia area, with every show holding a surprise visitor. My books are included in public library, museum, university and personal collections, and have received some impressive reviews. One publisher wrote that my book had brought her to tears - wow! 
A painting, a book or a website can be like a doorway - if it is a good one your life can be different, things might never be quite the same, and you will be a better person for having passed through it. I hope you continue through this 'doorway' to appreciate our unique artist/muse relationship. Many have made return visits, and some have become friends - maybe you will become one too. 
Hoping to hear from you...         
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The phenomenon of the Internet has allowed our work to be enjoyed far beyond the Philadelphia area, but treasures are not for the faint hearted. To hang a painting on your wall that is included on the pages of a book that rests on your shelves or coffee table is an experience reserved for the wise.